Fantastic Range of SolarSmartTM Shutters

SolarSmartTM is a Greener & Smarter Way to Automate Your Roller Shutters!

SolarSmartTM is the most advanced technology in solar powered roller shutter automation in Australia. 

SolarSmartTM is a roller shutter automation system independent of mains power, with no hard wiring. It harnesses the sun’s energy through solar cells (ideally positioned on the roof facing north and in direct sunlight), which charges a concealed battery system that in turn powers a DC motor for automation.

The SolarSmartTM system utilises the latest in sophisticated electronics to manage the charging of the advanced battery system and is controlled via a specialised wireless remote control transmitter. This all means an easier, more cost effective, environmental and efficient way to operate roller shutters, not to mention it is a much easier way to install motorised roller shutters!

SolarSmartTM Diagram

solarsmart installation newcastle

Technical Specifications

Maximum Surface Area12m2 roll formed profile
7.5m2 extruded profile
Minimum Shutter Width500mm
Maximum Shutter Weight50kg
Maximum Axle DiameterOctagonal 70mm
Solar Panel Size475mm x 75mm x 18mm
Battery Size450mm x 28mm
Power Supply12V
Radio Remote Frequency433.4MHz
Radio Remote Range200m in free field
  • Completely solar powered.
  • Green energy & environmentally friendly.
  • Save money on energy costs.
  • No drilling or 240V hard wiring.
  • Easy & quick to install.
  • No need for electricians.
  • Remote control operated.
  • Choice of profile colours.
  • Compatible with Sensi-FireTM Wireless.
  • Designed in Australia.
solarsmart newcastle