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Most Extensive Range of Recloth Awnings

Change the Look of Your Awnings

Somerset Curtains & Blinds can reskin most existing outdoor Awnings. A wide selection of modern and contemporary fabrics are available, in block out, canvas, screen or acrylic.

Recloth Awnings Newcastle at Somerset Awnings

Technical Specifications

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Minimum Width


Maximum Width


Minimum Drop


Maximum Drop


Standard Attachment

Spline at top is standard.


Straight Valance.


Fabric will be joined to achieve the least amount of wastage.

Width Measurement

Finished Cloth Size.

Drop Measurement

Blind drop (TWC will add for tube wrap and valance).

Bias Binding

Colour will be best match unless specified.

Wide Range of Fabric Options

Here at Somerset Curtain, we have a wide range of fabric options available for your next external awning.

Vistaweave 95%

Vistaweave 99%

Visiontex Ultra 99%

Visiontex Plus

Somerton Canvas