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Zipscreen Awnings

Zipscreen for any outdoor area or window

Zipscreen external roller blinds seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor entertaining areas.

By allowing outdoor areas to be protected from the elements, without blocking out the view, Zipscreen all weather blinds are the ultimate solution for any outdoor area or window. Designed to make the most of alfresco entertaining areas, they can be installed on patios, pergolas, and balconies – to name just a few.

Zipscreen blinds can be used in both residential and commercial applications, customised with control systems and enclosed box covers to suit customer preferences.

Zipscreen Awnings - Zipscreen Awnings

Patented zLOCK Technology

Zipscreen awnings are secured using patented zLOCK technology to ensure that the fabric holds taut and prevents any bugs or debris from getting through. Hidden interlocking parts have been developed to work with self-aligning side channels, providing seamless operation and a sleek, stylish finish. The side channels also continuously tension the roller fabric, reducing sagging and ripples.

Zipscreen alfresco blinds are a sleek, secure and durable improvement upon traditional awnings and outdoor roller shutters. They can even be used as sunshade blinds for home and office windows, blocking out sun heat before it can be absorbed by window panes.

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Control Options

Motorised – Remote-controlled, which are minimalist in design, efficient and convenient. 

Crank – Easy-to-use manual crank gears, which are unobtrusive, with a removable crank.

Spring – Manual spring-loaded rollers, a simple, no-fuss and long-lasting design.

Zipscreen Awnings - Zipscreen Awnings
Zipscreen Awnings - Zipscreen Awnings